Monday, July 30, 2018

my master story 1

I hv been a master student since 2012...
with expected to complete by 2014...
Master in Education Mgt & Leadership fr UiTM
honestly, every semester, my lecturer will give me one uncertain perception of why an accounting degree student doing master in education...
fine with me...
until now my answer is... self satisfaction...
but towards the end...
do you know how much my pressure on this issue...
is it a mistake..
is it a career enhancement...
or.. u tell me...
keeping myself at a very positive aura...
and I m still working on doing my thesis...
with a huge challenge...and hope..
Inn Sha Allah ....

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Aidilfitri 2015

Salam Lebaran
Salam Aidilfitri 2015,

This year my small Family is having fun raya at my hometown, a.k.a bandar Muar,
wow, to much to tell i guest, too much of expectation...

The preparation is most on top of everyone's priority.
A bit monotonous feeling on the 1st Raya...
when i realise.. No one highlighting the main activity before we all start our Raya every year,
it is to gather all around in my Maktok's Kitchen, after Solat Sunat Hari Raya, then every one eat together happily with all the funny joke & teasing each others...
My late Grandfather, Almarhum Hj Sulaiman Md Akip used to call all the family members to make Doa on Hari Raya,
He used to recite the Doa Selamat with all his tears, a happy moment tears...
oh how i missed him so much.
Yes it is the 1st time we having Raya without him.

But, this year, it is not happening like it used to be every year raya.
My Tok Mak is/was and still busy at the kitchen preparing dishes to 'welcome' our newly born cousin...
which we don't seem to understand why ...

there goes my 1st Hari Raya.
It falls on Friday, so men will be at Mosque for Jumaat Prayer in the afternoon.
My husband spend his Petang raya in the bedroom to LalaLand...

But, the celebration move on..
2nd day Raya,
we all decided to start our routine..visiting other family members around the village..

OK, that all for this 2015 i wish, Atok is still with us..

lets enjoy the photo ..

My husband Task - masak ketupat
Our 2015 Aidilfitri Family Photo
The 3 angel of mine

yes... this is what they are... fun/cheeky yet full of surprise 
My Mannis the princess wanna be

Mr Adam the Captain wanna be

Mother Daughter moment 

hahha, she is always having fun with her own world..

i loooike this picture.. 

most of my mom sibling..
My Father's other family
what a coincidence, we share the same colour theme this year 

Our 3rd day Raya venue is : Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan
where my husband's place of birth, hehehe

ok, nothing much, 
as usual, still a lot of expectation and hopes..

just a small idea of photo-shoot with my family
thank you to Mr Shukry from Deprt Media, KKTM Rembau a.k.a my most manja adik ipar version.

Friday, June 05, 2015

The March Birthday boy Story

This year, My March seem very hectic & so tragic month
Why?, because ...

1 - My Husband has make a decision to come back again in Corporate World, by means leaving his free lance job which has been started a year ago..its ok dear.. you can still carry it on..but try to look for a good and sincere business partner ya
Good Luck to You Mr Husband. and i believe you can be a good player again in your corporate world.
what's a remarkable on his 1st day at work, is coming late... due to Motor breakdown

2. My Muhammad Adam turn 6th years old and cant wait to be in Standard One next year..
I forgot to buy his Birthday Cake to celebrate at the school. 
His teacher wassap me to remind it...cant imagine how i have to go and find a chocolate cake after 8pm in Puchong Area. 

A small celebration as we thought we'll be having a dinner during Mr Husband Birthday later
As always, i will take a leave and spent my day with birthday boy, but this year he wanted to go watch movie

 3. We celebrate my Mr Husband Birthday with a super surprise birthday present on 27th March.
I have taken Annual Leave to celebrate his birthday, unfortunately, Muhammad Adam was admitted to Serdang Hospital on the same day. But, there will always be a silver line behind Allah's plan rite.
He was diagnose to Blood infection because of the prolonged scabies disease. 
Adam was admitted for 7 days 

After 'mak nk balik !! Doc jahat!! dia buat abg" session 
4. We have to do major spring cleaning in our house for a week, a serious spring cleaning hokey!!! huh.. cant imagine i had to mop all my floor with hot water.

5. I have an important meeting in between Adam series of admitted in Hospital, that brought me into a stupid miscommunication in  my office work.

6. I have to 'handle' the MyQuest key in data all by myself.. masak aku klau result below expectation ni...

Most Heart breaking moment, when the time for Antibiotic dose, he pretend to be sleeping, but actually he is just lay down and waiting for the dose finish.. and i know it really painful to him. 

When he can feel the pain.. 

He cant use his hand to grab anything yet..

Ok, my hand is healing... and i m home..
1st thing he do is, writing...

After follow-up check up, He request to eat half boiled egg and French toast at 4pm hokey.. 

Ok, that is all,
its totally drag me from finishing my Thesis writing hahah...
after all, I am thankful to Allah s.w.t for all this opportunity and experience, as it complete me to be a strong, determine and stay positive all the time.

Thank you to my Mom, who will always be with me whenever my family need a help.
and to my superhero a.k.a Mr Husband, Thank you for your understanding, support and never ever let us down for any thing..TQ

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Weekend with #3A


Nothing much happening unless pening with all this anak-anak syurga...

handsome boy ler sgt..

Ops... the tooth fairy took my teeth...

As always...she know how to react on camera..

adik pun dh pandai 'selefie'..

semua sibuk... mingle around

mmg his fav ... put on sugar on my coffee...

nmpak tak ...penuh skill 

very the bossy..

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Happy Birthday to you #NurAidais2yo

Happy Birthday to you my dear Nur Aida...

Semoga dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik..
dimurahkan rezki..
diterangkan hati menerima ilmu dunia akhirat..
elok budi pekerti & jadi muslimah yg terbaik...

Adik..we love u so much ya...

The Happy Girl..

With Kakak..

Ok..dia pun nk buat peace jgk...

Add caption

nmpak tak... dia nk potong sendiri.

Kek by Achik Siti..TQ