Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Aidilfitri 2015

Salam Lebaran
Salam Aidilfitri 2015,

This year my small Family is having fun raya at my hometown, a.k.a bandar Muar,
wow, to much to tell i guest, too much of expectation...

The preparation is most on top of everyone's priority.
A bit monotonous feeling on the 1st Raya...
when i realise.. No one highlighting the main activity before we all start our Raya every year,
it is to gather all around in my Maktok's Kitchen, after Solat Sunat Hari Raya, then every one eat together happily with all the funny joke & teasing each others...
My late Grandfather, Almarhum Hj Sulaiman Md Akip used to call all the family members to make Doa on Hari Raya,
He used to recite the Doa Selamat with all his tears, a happy moment tears...
oh how i missed him so much.
Yes it is the 1st time we having Raya without him.

But, this year, it is not happening like it used to be every year raya.
My Tok Mak is/was and still busy at the kitchen preparing dishes to 'welcome' our newly born cousin...
which we don't seem to understand why ...

there goes my 1st Hari Raya.
It falls on Friday, so men will be at Mosque for Jumaat Prayer in the afternoon.
My husband spend his Petang raya in the bedroom to LalaLand...

But, the celebration move on..
2nd day Raya,
we all decided to start our routine..visiting other family members around the village..

OK, that all for this 2015 Aidilfitri..how i wish, Atok is still with us..

lets enjoy the photo ..

My husband Task - masak ketupat
Our 2015 Aidilfitri Family Photo
The 3 angel of mine

yes... this is what they are... fun/cheeky yet full of surprise 
My Mannis the princess wanna be

Mr Adam the Captain wanna be

Mother Daughter moment 

hahha, she is always having fun with her own world..

i loooike this picture.. 

most of my mom sibling..
My Father's other family
what a coincidence, we share the same colour theme this year 

Our 3rd day Raya venue is : Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan
where my husband's place of birth, hehehe

ok, nothing much, 
as usual, still a lot of expectation and hopes..

just a small idea of photo-shoot with my family
thank you to Mr Shukry from Deprt Media, KKTM Rembau a.k.a my most manja adik ipar version.

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